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Balancing My Brain on a 3-legged Stool: Keep that Blood Moving

Renovating an aging brain is one thing. Sadly, we have to do it with a brain that is supported by an aging body. Eventually care for an aging brain becomes expanded, of necessity, to care for the whole body. What do you have to do to keep that brain not only ticking over but healthy enough to renew itself? My previous research has convinced me that the most critical support the brain requires is oxygen-rich blood. Got to keep that heart and those lungs chugging along together to keep up the supply of around 3/4 of a litre of oxygenated blood every minute. The brain is only about 2% of total body weight but it needs 12% or more of the body's total blood supply. Brain cells are among the most sensitive in the body to the damaging effects of inadequate oxygen.   More Pills? Recently that aging system began to let me down. Dare I say yet again? Have you ever noticed that living with an aging body is a lot like living with an aging house or an aging car? Seems like you're

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